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7v7 WeSport Super Liga 7/2018

➢Name of the tournament:7v7 WeSport Super Liga 2018 – 2nd edition

➢ Type of play: 7vs7 Tournament

➢ Intend time: July 22th, 2018

➢ Location: 7 locations in Binh Thanh, Tan Binh and Tan Phu District

Number of team: 24 teams.

➢ Total match: 52 matches

➢ Registration time: 

➢ Form of play: Group Stage – Round of 16 – Quarter Finals – Semi Finals – Final


  • Create a nice playground for those who love playing football in HCMC, enhance the relationship between Vietnamese football teams and expats’ football teams (from lots of countries around the world).

  • Improve physical strength, create exciting atmosphere and healthy entertainment on the field of football.
– Promote the development of football, encouraging people to participate in playing football.

  • Connect players who share the passion of football from all over the world.



  • Male football teams.
  • Football teams, clubs, enterprises, companies, organizations can all participate in the tournament.


  • Each player is able to play for only one team during the tournament.
  • Only players on the team roster are eligible to play
  • In order to facilitate the supervision and operation of the tournament, we require all participating teams to have kits (uniform).
  • No jewellery/watches/accessories on the field.
  • Each team must register a representative (team manager). Any requests, questions, complaints (if any), we will only work with the team representative, not working with the players.
  • The professional players who are playing (V-League, National First Division, National Cup, National Futsal League, National Futsal Cup, HCMC LS Futsal Open, Eximbank A) cannot register to play in this tournament.
  • Players participating in the tournament are responsible for their health as well as for all decisions and behaviour’s during the tournament.


  • Each team must have a representative (Team Manager/Captain).
  • Each team can register with at least 10 players and maximum 15 players.
  • The registration form must have all the information of the players as follows:
    o Full name
    o D.o.B
    o Passport No./ID No.
    o Photo (online photo with clear face)
    o Fixed number during the tournament (on kits)

* Note: If the teams request to change the list, please contact the organizers directly before the Conference.


  • Conference: expected on 07/07/2018 (location to be informed later).
  • Registration time: from 01/06/2018 to 30/06/2018 (30/06 is the deadline to finish the registration form and make payment for entry fees. If any team doesn’t submit their registration form and entry fees before this deadline, they will forfeit their place in the league).
  • Fixtures: to be informed later.


  • Registration fee: 6.000.000 VND
  • Deposit fee: 1.000.000 VND

* Note: The deposit fee will be deducted according to the yellow cards and red cards (yellow card is 100.000VND, two yellow card is 200.000 VND, red card is 250.000VND). The Organizers will return to the teams after deducting all penalties. However, in the case of violent and non-sporting spirit teams, which cause major incidents in the tournament, The Organizers will consult the referee and have the right not to return the deposit.


◊ Schedule will be expected on:

  • Opening: 22/07/2018
  • Finished: 01/09/2018

◊  In the process of the tournament, date and time decided by the Organizer. The Organizer can arrange the change of time of some matches to ensure organization / media for the tournament or in other necessary cases.
◊ Newly issued schedule replaces the previous schedule.

– Time of competition:

  •  Under arrangement of the Organizer
  • If there is an adjustment to the playing time, BTC will issue a written notice or by email.

– Competition rules and other regulations:

  • Applying football rules to 7-a-side promulgated by the Commission for Physical Training and Sports, Regulations, Disciplinary Rules of Organizer and other amendments and supplements to the latest Laws of FIFA and / or VFF.
  • Organizer decisions are expressed in the form of a notice to the participants. Members participating in the tournament are responsible for seriously implementing the Organizer announcement.
  • Ball: size 5
  • Match duration: 40 minutes in each half, 10 minutes break in between.
  • Off-side law will not be used. Substitutions are unlimited and can be made at any stoppage. All players must have the referee’s permission before they can enter the field of play and they must wait for the substituted player to leave the field.
    ◊ Standing:
    – Win = 3 points
    – Draw = 1 point
    – Loss = 0 point

* Note: In the case that 2 or more teams have the same number of points at the end of the season, we will look at the following factors to determine a winner in this order:

– Head to Head
– Goals Difference Between Teams Having Same Points
– Overall Goal Difference
– Goals Scored
– Drawing

  • In the case team withdraw or eliminated: In the process of the league, if one team withdraw without no reason or eliminated, they will be disciplined and all the results against other team will be canceled. The Organizer will have proper adjustment to ensure the league process, the benefits of other teams and sponsors.
  • Rituals and procedures for conducting the match: All teams need to perform rituals before and after the match as Organizer prescribed.
  • Time to complete procedures before each game: According to Organizer’s regulations
  • About postponement and reschedule: 
    • Matches will be played as scheduled except heavy rain or lightning. Decision to postpone the match will be at discretion of the Organizer or referee of the match. For matches paused due to the weather that took place more than 60 minutes after the start of the match (excluding half time intervals), then the score at the pausing time will be considered the final score.
    • Due to weather or unknown reasons that games need to be rescheduled, we will let other team’s coaches schedule even if rescheduled matches must be agreed by the Organizer firstly. In the case coaches cannot agree on rescheduling matches, the Organizer will intervene.


  • The team registering the forbidden player will be eliminated.
  • All the teams must be present at the competing area 30 minutes before the kickoff time to complete the pre-match paper work. Any team who shows up late, 15 minutes after the kick-off time, will automatically resulted in losing 0-4 for  that match. For any team who intentionally shows up late in order to help the
    opponents gain benefit from points & goal difference for ranking comparison with other teams, The Organizers have all authorities to eliminate that team, all the results of the eliminated team will automatically be changed to 0-4. 
  • In order to begin the match, the competing teams must have at least 6 players on the field. If one does not have enough players to play 15 minutes after kickoff time, they will automatically lose the match 0-4. For certain circumstance, such as the team does not have enough players due to yellow cards and red cards, the Organizers will take it into consideration. 
  • The players who get 2 yellow cards in the same match leading to a red card will be banned for 1 upcoming match, the players who get a straight red card will be banned for 2 upcoming matches. The record of cards will be erased after the Group Stage. Under some serious circumstances, the Organizers have full
    authorities to give further penalties.
  • Only players and staff who are registered in the registration form can be present at the technical area. Others who are not registered must stay at the supporting area.
  • During the Tournament, only the team representatives can make an official complaint with the Referees, the Supervisors and the Organizers. No exceptions. In some urgent cases, the person who is granted permission from the representative will have temporary power to replace him or her.
  • If any fight happens during the match, The Organizers will consult with the Referees, the Supervisors of that match to make decision. After confirming the related parties, The Organizers have authorities to eliminate those parties and players.
  • All the swearing during the match will result in a card depending on the situation and judgement from the Referees or the Supervisors. 
  • The Organizers have the authorities to give out after match penalties for violent behaviour, threatening the Referees, the Commissioners, the Organizers and the opponents.
  • All the violent actions that causes injuries for the opponents will be considered to be given after match penalties depend on the after match report from the Supervisors.
  • For any fight during and after the match, the team representatives of related parties will take full responsibilities for such cases. The Organizers have no responsibilities for such cases.
  • The related parties in any fight will have to take responsibility under Vietnamese Law.
  • In case the team quits without any acceptable reason, The Organizers have the right to cancel all the participations of the team for latter Tournaments and do not repay the Deposit.

* Note: The Organizers have full authorities to change the Regulations when necessary.


  • The Organizers only have the authorities and responsibilities during the Tournament (from the start of registration time to the end of the Closing Ceremony). After that, The Organizers will not be responsible for any circumstances.
  • The Organizers respect the Referees and the Supervisors judgements in the match. Any complaints about the Referees or the Supervisors will not be taken into consideration.
  • Only the team representative registered in the registration form has the right to make official complaint by document and contact the Supervisors or the Organizers. All complaints by the team must need clear evidence (confirmed by the Vietnamese Football Federation and HCMC Football Federation). The submitting evidence time to the Organizers cannot go past 24 hours since the Organizers receive the complaint. The processing time for complaints cannot affect the Tournament.
  • Whenever there is a complaint about players, the petitioner should pay 500.000 VND per player per case. After the case closes, the Organizers will give back the cash if the complaint is correct.
  • The appropriate complaint is the complaint made at the field right after the match, and the fee must be paid at that moment: 500.000 VND per player per case.


Champion: Cup – Medals – Team Voucher – 18,000,000 VND in cash
Runner-up: Medals – Team Voucher – 10,000,000 VND in cash
Third Place: Medals – Team Voucher – 8,000,000 VND in cash
Fair-play Team: Memorable Medal – 1,000,000 VND in cash
Best Player: Memorable Medal – 1,000,000 VND in cash
Best Goalscorer: Memorable Medal – 1,000,000 VND in cash
Best Goalkeeper: Memorable Medal – 1,000,000 VND in cash

* Note: For the Best Goalscorer, the Organizer only recognizes the goals from Round of 16 to Final.

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