Giang | 24 Mar 2021

Kim Ly Is Official Ambassador of Wesport

Kim Ly – the famous model as well as an actor with prominent roles in outstanding movies such as Huong Ga, Ve Si Saigon, … officially became the ambassador of WeSport and will work together with us in future projects.

Kim Ly hopes this companion could bring more values and abundant power that can help people create a healthy life. He said “Sport plays an indispensable role in my life and WeSport is my prestigious partner for my choice. In addition, in the role of Brand Ambassador, I hope to have chances of joining with WeSport to spread the good sport spirit and values to sports community”

With the companion of Kim Ly for the next journey, Mr. Clemens Levert – CEO of WeSport, said: ” WeSport always enhance sport values and connect people together. Meanwhile, Kim Ly is highly appreciated with admirable sports life and his efforts to stay healthy and get lean. These are the values we share and are the connection for us in this cooperation”

Having Mr. Kim Ly as an Ambassador, WeSport is proud of spreading more positive energy as well as a passion for sports with the Sport lovers community in general and WeSport users in particular.