Giang | 18 Jan 2020

WeSport reached 50k views on Youtube

WeSport reached 50k views on Youtube

We are very proud of this milestone that we achieved – WeSport reached 50k views on Youtube. We started a Vlog channel 5 months ago with limited resources, but learning every day and trying to improve every vlog. This week we reached the 50k views!

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About WeSport:

WeSport was founded with the vision to become the #1 sports platform in Asia as well as become a springboard for sports development and innovation. WeSport is a newly launched social sports platform that connects sportsmen with each other and with sport facilities. The app allows users with the love for sports to create their own events, look for teammates, opponents, challenge other teams, join leagues and organize their game’s finances.

WeSport also organizes sport events, which focus on the amateur or semi – professional sector in many different sports. In 2019 WeSport is the first company producing podcast about sports in Vietnam & producing new type of video content with innovative technologies to engage with our community and become a media partner for big events such as OneChampionship & SpartanRace. Our team exists out of young, motivated and talented people who want to empower others to achieve their full sporting potential.