Giang | 14 May 2021

WeSport Updated New Version

Did you know that? WeSport is very excited to announce that the latest version has been updated with 5 attractive features for you. Please visit the app and give your opinion to us for a better experience on WeSport.

Let’s discover 5 new features:

Add and invite friends
No matter when you want to make a new team ready for the upcoming match. This feature allows you to add new friends and connect easier for all your upcoming events. Let’s grow the WeSport community together.

Top facility
An overview of top facilities live on the WeSport App. We help you find the best-ranked facility, choose and book facilities easily without being worried about the quality of the service. How easy is that!!

Facilities near you
Booking a sport facility around your area has never been that easy, this feature can save you a lot of time. Let’s enjoy the match with your sports buddies cheerfully.

Events near you:
In one overview you can easily find sport events near you. This great feature will always remind you to not miss any amazing event. This feature displays all the events and activities near your location, extremely convenient if you want to participate. Visit the WeSport app and discover more about this interesting tool. Moreover, If you would like to create your own event in WeSport app, It’s easy to make and edit information, how convenient is that!

Invite and challenge other teams
WOW! WeSport allows you to easily find an opponent. With one invitation you can invite many teams at the same time! The first team who has accepted the request can then join your event.