WeSport is honoured to cooperate with all sports facilities in Ho Chi Minh City and more cities to come.
For us, sports facilities are the crown jewels in our business. WeSport is always focused on creating extra value for our partners. Our system is built on feedback from our WeSport facilities.

What benefits can our system bring you:

  • Sport facilities will be provided with a free (semi-automated, multi-level), easy to use, reservation system.
  • One system for all their facilities/locations and sports.
  • WeSport will increase the visibility of their accommodation (incl. online marketing, easy access, more users)
  • Resulting in more (structured) reservations (increasing revenue)
  • WeSport will allow facilities to manage their reservations easier (one system for all)
  • WeSport will initiate valuable feedback from users, allowing them to improve their facility, which will help them to increase sales and standard.
  • WeSport will help, and is the gateway, to attract sponsors
  • WeSport will organise regional events at their facilities

If you wish to invest or own a sport facility and want to know more about what WeSport can do for you? Please contact us via contact.