WeSport is proud to be a professional home ground for students that mainly focus on sport business.  We are open for collaboration with universities in different areas, such as internship or career opportunities for the students.

In January 2018 we have officially signed a partnership with Ton Duc Thang University, Faculty of Sports Science to help their students with real-life experience in sport business. Students will have the possibility to develop themselves in different fields as Event Planning, Event Organizing, Online/Offline Marketing and Business Development.

Signing ceremony between WeSport and Ton Duc Thang University

Furthermore, WeSport is planning to organize workshops, seminar sessions about health, training, lifestyle, and self-protection for students to gain more knowledge and implement this in real life. This plan is in collaboration with companies like, Mubada.vn and VietSupport. Besides that, WeSport is open to discuss possible lectures about doing business in Vietnam. The aim is to not only to improve the students, but also support the community and young generation of Vietnam.