WeSport is a newly launched sports platform connecting sportsmen with sport facilities, currently active in Ho Chi Minh City. WeSport partners with sports facilities and provides these facilities with an online reservation system, which allows them to manage their bookings more easily. Users are able to search and make their reservations online at their favorite facility using several filter options through the same online system, which also allows a convenient way of payment online provided by our partner Payoo.

As scientifically proven, sports are not only good for you in terms of health, but are a very important stress reducer and social connector, having a large impact on society. WeSport intends to contribute to sportsmen creating a more healthy lifestyle in addition to our users interacting with each other through sports, both socially and competitively. WeSport is currently working to add more and more features which will not only allow users to find more and more sports facilities, play more types of sports and organize their activities more easily, but also allow individuals and teams to find, challenge and compete with each other.

WeSport was founded with the vision to become the #1 go to sports platform in Vietnam and beyond and wishes to positively contribute to the development of sports in Vietnam and Asia.