Thinking about becoming a sponsor partner of WeSport?

WeSport offers several partnerships and sponsor packages with corporates of all sizes. As a pioneer in the sports community in Vietnam, WeSport can offer companies several options depending on their wishes. Our partnerships are built on the foundation of “grow strong together” and “win-win”. As a relatively new company, WeSport is working hard to become a name in Vietnam and beyond and has the vision to be known as the “#1 Sports Platform”. We aim to give our users the best possible user’s experience and creating a strong bond with our brand.

As partner of WeSport you will have the opportunity to tap into our network, co-host or sponsor events, market your brand’s promotions and products and much more, with a specific focus on type of sport or area, region and even nationwide.

As mentioned, WeSport works with our partners on a win-win basis, where brands will get recognition through our network and in return WeSport benefits from offering our users and partnering facilities something extra. This can be by:

  • Special promotions to our partnering facilities and users.
  • Giveaways, marketing material towards our partnering facilities and users.
  • Special deals with our facility partners on branding of your company.
  • Sponsor deals for events, individuals and teams.
  • Custom made packages.

If you wish to know more about what WeSport can mean for your brand or company in general, please kindly contact us.