30 Aug 2023

The Journey to Becoming an IRONMAN: A Comprehensive Guide for Passionate Teen Athletes

Introduction: The highly anticipated IRONMAN triathlon tournament has finally concluded in Da Nang after a two-year postponement sparked by the global pandemic. Recognized for its stringent physical demands, unwavering endurance, and unwavering sportsmanship, the IRONMAN tournament continues to captivate a growing number of sports enthusiasts. In this article, we will delve into the intricate process […]

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28 Aug 2023

Overcoming Challenges in Marathon Running: A Lesson from an Ethiopian Athlete

Introduction: Running a marathon requires not only physical strength but also mental resilience. In the world of professional sports, where the competition is intense and the pressure is high, athletes often face numerous challenges and obstacles. However, it is their ability to adapt and overcome these challenges that set them apart from the rest. One […]

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27 Oct 2022


WELCOME SEPT STRENGTH CLUB Ready to get fit, WeSporters? Book a class in the app and try it out. Meet Me at the Bar!

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26 May 2021

Top 5 Interesting Facts About UEFA Euro History 

1. The most goals scored in a match from both teams The semi-final match between France and Yugoslavia in Euro 1960 is the most goals scored in a match from both teams in Euro history. In this match, Yugoslavia beat France 5-4 thanks to a double-salvo from the Yugoslavian hero – Drazan Jerkovic in the […]

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21 May 2021

Everything About the UEFA Champions League Anthem 

The UEFA Champions League anthem is also known as the name “Champions League”. It is played before every UEFA Champions League match and is one of the most famous anthems in the football world.  The author The lyrics of the UEFA Champions League anthem are written by Tony Britten, a British composer. Britten graduated from […]

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18 May 2021

Memories Of The UEFA Euro – Euro 1988 Final

Host country The hosting of the tournament was initially contested by five bids and West Germany was finally announced as the winner after the vote. Eight stadiums in West Germany were used for the 1988 UEFA Euro finals. Olympiastadion in Munich was chosen as the place for the opening match and the final. The other […]

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