Giang | 19 Jun 2020

9 Sport Facilities Are Ready To Book!

9 Sport Facilities Are Ready To Book!

WeSport is very proud to announce that 9 sport facilities are ready to book now, that means sports lovers can book at 9 different locations in Ho Chi Minh City at the moment. In upcoming months, we are going to bring more facilities onboard so that the sports lovers will have more choices for their sporting activity.

Here are the very first 9 facilities onboard with us:

1. Sân Trí Hải
2. Sân bóng Sport One
3. Sân bóng Sport Plus
4. Sân bóng Lý Tự Trong
5. Sân bóng Nguyễn Thượng Hiền
6. Sân bóng Hùng Vương
7. Sân bóng Lam Sơn
8. Sân bóng Minh Nhật
9. Sân bóng Anh Thư

Besides, the new version also will bring you great experience with many cool features:
– User calendar feature
– Search team feature
– Share event with QR
– WeSport organize your event
– Review facility

Also we are expecting to get onboard a lot more facilities in the upcoming weeks! Please stay tuned.
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#9 Sport Facilities Are Ready To Book!