Giang | 26 Mar 2018

New Feature From WeSport’s System – Half-Booking

We have a surprise!

New Feature from our System – New tool to solve your trouble.

⇒ How many times that you want to play great football matches but lacking of opponents?

Do you feel boring with some repeated sport opponents?

Do you want to find new higher level opponents to improve your team skills?

Or you just want to find a friendly match with the same level?

Don’t worry, WeSport here to help you!

In this week, our developers  has released new feature. We call “Half-booking” for spotters in Ho Chi Minh city. You can:

  • Find the opponents with different kind of levels.
  • Make a challenge to play against other team
  • Create your own game and get challenged
  • Upload your team picture
  • And more…

WeSport has the mission to make it easier for sportsmen to find facilities, stakeholders and each other through an easy to use system, increasing competitiveness, social interaction and at the same time making it more easy for investors in facilities to professionalize.

Find out the new “half-booking” feature in here.


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