Huyen Nguyen | 24 Aug 2020

WeSport During Quarantine – Win Mario Kart or Work out (Vlog 2)

Win Mario Kart or Work out! Let’s see the one who lost Mario Kart game do the physical challenge!

Combining the fun-filled and competitiveness of Nintendo’s famous racing game with the high calorie burn of our workout exercises, Mario Kart’s challenge is a fun and exhausting way to release your energy and stress as well as keeping a good shape.

From our previous Vlog, WeSport team had the thrills and spills session playing the Mario Kart video game to find out who will have to take the physical challenge as a “bonus reward”. And the one who lost was Linh, who would have to take the physical challenge from Hang for 15 minutes.

On this episode,  we are back after the social quarantine and join Hang – our Mario Kart champion in giving Linh physical exercises to work out. Let’s take a look to find out if Linh was able to finish the challenge to the last minute!

Sitting on the couch all day isn’t exactly good for one’s health, so tearing ourselves away to get some fresh air and exercise is undoubtedly necessary. In our video, we have introduced some basic exercises that anyone can do at home. Let’s follow our workout practices notice a difference in how your clothes fit.

We hope you and your friends will group up and do this challenge together. It is not necessary with Mario Kart, any games can work for this challenge. Was this a fun experience to enjoy with your friends? Would you like to challenge your friend for physical exercises like this? Let us know in the comment section below! Don’t forget to stay updated with news and current events on our Facebook Fanpage at:

Disclaimer: This video was taken in June 2020, which was after the social quarantine.


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